How It Works

The Vietnam Veterans Youth Scholarship Program is in recognition of many things, encouraged for the 50th Anniversary of the Tet Offensive, launched by the North Vietnamese, Viet Cong, and Viet Minh, January 1968. Tet was to changing the Vietnam War, as the Vietnam War was to changing America from the 60’s to today, the repercussions of which are all too prevalent in our daily lives. Frankly, I am astonished we hear so little about the 50th Anniversary of Tet that changed the war and America along with it.

The Vietnam Veterans Youth Scholarship Program is not asking for donations to fund a program that you might not personally see the benefits of.  We are offiering e-books and printed book copies that will fund educational scholarships meant to benifit any accepted applicant. Please review our offerings and consider participation by ordering an e-book or paperback edition, and by energetically sharing this website with your personal and business network.

A brief outline of each book:

  • The Domestic Vietnam – A book of many true accounts: 50 years later, leaves opportunity for creatively filling in the gaps and terrific retrospect of the politics of the era. A must!
  • The Domestic Guantanamo – Cuba and Vietnam are America’s era-cousins. Cuba’s Bay of Pigs, was a flea on an elephant’s you-knowwhat, compared to the confusion and losses of the War in Vietnam, both bungled simultaneously. In fact, leadership of the era got things grossly back-ass-ward. I often ask folks: ‘Why did we go to Vietnam?’ People, proud and quick to respond answer: ‘To stop the advance of Communism!’ So I say … really … ‘Then why not stop Communism in Cuba, in America’s backyard?’ That always ends the conversation. So after Vietnam, I went on to write The Domestic Guantanamo, as the Domestic series moves more toward futuristic fiction, and character transitions.
  • The Domestic Panama – Still in the Caribbean arena, Panama has a unique history with America. This book reviews that history and how events move into current challenges of the global capital commerce of drugs, guns, oil and humans. Domestic Panama reforms from the depths of corruption to long over-do populism. Many continuing characters from other ‘Domestic’ manuscripts, with many terrific new characters to adore.
  • The Domestic Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico is a unique existence as a U.S. Commonwealth. Who knows what it really means to be a U.S. Commonwealth? Nobody! Being a Commonwealth will mean one thing to one era of political leadership, then another thing to a new, next era. Today, post-hurricane; Commonwealth simply means … HELP! In Puerto Rico, everything is ‘politics’, even ‘beisbol’.
  • The Domestic Columbia - Due for release June 2018
  • Softball / Baseball … The Next Level … Work Hard / Play Smart – If you or anyone in your family and network of friends is involved in youth softball or baseball, get this huge book on technique, strategy, winning and life. It is the best book ever available on such matters.

 The Domestic Colombia


Attention Authors … Our Vietnam Veterans Youth Scholarship Program is not exclusive to books authored by Fox. If you are frustrated, bent, confused, contrived, or stabbed through your literary heart in the dark hallway of established ‘publishers’, and consider your book appropriate for our program … Let’s talk about it! Perhaps we can find a fun, rewarding niche for your ideas and work. Contact Fox directly!

Manuscript Pirating … It is quite impossible to have a program like this and prevent certain folks from receiving an e-manuscript and wanting to send it to the rest of the world, all within their very own ambitions, good or selfish. If Amazon can’t figure out how to stop folks from Pirating manuscripts, we probably won’t either. Here’s how to ‘Pirate’ the right way: If you are the Pirating type…have at it…Pirate Away. Included at the end of each manuscript is program information, with suggested pricing to contribute to scholarships. Perhaps others will feel differently about Vietnam Veterans and Scholarships and generously contribute within our suggested pricing schedules. Simply explain to your network that you are the Pirating type but they in their network may not be and thus please consider contribution details included at the end of each manuscript. (P.S. all books are copyrighted with Library of Congress, United States Copyright Office, Washington, D.C.!)

And that’s all Forrest and I have to say about that! Semper Fi