Corporate / Veteran Groups Participation

As the Vietnam Veterans Youth Scholarship Program, we have no fixed-in-stone procedure to gifting amounts or to recipient awarding processes.  Internally, we hope to sell manuscripts, in increasing numbers, to fund scholarship gifting.  In that process of circulation and interacting we will inevitably have contact with those of special interests in the corporate world and/or in Veterans Groups who may concern themselves with Veterans of Vietnam.

If you and your co-existing group would like to participate in scholarship gifting and awards, please contact us.  We can discuss a partnership of any type, any design.  Full funding or partial funding of an individual scholarship; a one-time scholarship award, or an annual event for a targeted group or community, or family, all are practical to discuss and refine to actions.  Your participation would include recognition on the website, and other communication processes that develop as we build a program and/or an awards relationship.  Be the first!

Our goal is to advance from a Vietnam Veteran mood of national silence and regret, to a mood of celebration, while doing considerable good for the youth following in Veteran’s honorable footsteps of Service to Country.  Please share our web-site with any and all of your business or personal contacts.  Along the way, we intend for the entire effort to be about as much fun as we can all fuss-up together.

We expect scholarship gifting to remain in the $2,000 limit, so that many scholarships may continually be gifted in a normal manageable procedure.  However, if you and/or your specific organization have a different, better idea that more properly fits your specific, creative intentions … Yea Us!  Let’s talk about it.
Thank you for your consideration!  Please contact Fox and we’ll see if we can tee-up something to work with and do some good.
Semper Fi …  Dick Fox