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We start with the feature e-manuscript: The Domestic Vietnam. The 520 page book has been in circulation for three years, in the past generally available on Amazon and other web-sellers for $28.95, plus shipping, priority U.S. Mail, $7. In the near future the book will only be available with the Vietnam Veterans Youth Scholarship Program. (Many have said The Domestic Vietnam is the ‘best book’ they have ever read!)

Also in the ‘Domestic’ series: The Domestic Guantanamo (generally $24.95, plus shipping, 408 pages) in the book selling marketplace for 18 months. For those of the era, it is difficult to separate Vietnam from events in Cuba, and thus one book flows to the other easily. This book will also no longer be available, except through our Vietnam Veterans Youth Scholarship Program.

The ‘Domestic’ series continues with two new book releases in celebration of our Vietnam Veterans Youth Scholarship Program: The Domestic Panama and The Domestic Puerto Rico. See book covers and explanation of all books in the ‘Domestic’ series as part of this web-site. Characters and events flow from one book to another. (All characters in the Domestic series are built around true life figures.)

That’s not all: There is a fifth book in this initial offering … Perhaps the most fun book of all. Coach Fox has a lifetime in coaching ladies softball and youth baseball. Five years ago Fox summarized his coaching techniques and strategies in his first coaching book, then revised that book to the current: Softball / Baseball … The Next Level … (Work Hard / Play Smart).

The Next Level is a large book, with great softball and baseball stories from a lifetime in the game. At the end of each chapter there is space for notes about your team or individual player.

The Next Level is full of hundreds of tips on playing and coaching detail and technique, as well as disciplines of the game, written for Parents, Players, Umpires and those in league or recreation organizations. Hitting, catching, infield D, pitching, game situations, all included. Chapter 7, The Gaps of the Game, is a long chapter full of technique and detail that we know should be coached, but have little time for. The Next Level is simply the best book about youth softball and baseball ever assembled. Please review the book’s explanation on this website.

Fox – “There were several inspirations for finally writing The Next Level. One particular experience was when I helped a younger couple coach their Babe Ruth League community baseball team, boys 15 and 16 years old. The father was an independent construction contractor, who tried his best to coach, but really was not sure how. His wife was nothing but fun and supportive in every way. A neat couple! He once simply told me; ‘he tries to learn one thing every practice and every game’. With The Next Level, he and a million others can learn many things, any time they want to.”

The Next Level would make a great gift for families, individuals and/or whole teams to share and get on the same Next Level.

The Domestic Vietnam Book Cover

The Domestic Vietnam

Forty-five years after a tour of duty in I Corps, Vietnam, enhanced by a successful career of writing and speaking, author Dick Fox sat down to study and recall the duties, actions, regrets, and politics of America’s most confused war.

The Domestic Vietnam takes a reader through the violent, treacherous actions of a Marine Sergeant’s life in I Corps attached to a Marine Air Group helicopter unit based in Phu Bai and Quang Tri. Fox takes the reader from Quang Tri, to the Battle of Hue, to Khe Sanh and Con Thien – Nam’s Tet Offensive hottest spots. Along the way, Fox presents the Domestic side of the war in Nam; in homes, families and neighborhoods. The Domestic Nam vividly pinpoints Nam life, and a small part of the war’s misconceptions and atrocities. Travel Nam’s I Corps with two Sergeants, close-up and personal – and then 35 years later. Fox’s summations are a riveting must for anyone concerning themselves with America’s war in South Vietnam, and the era in general.

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Interested in a signed and dedicated printed copy of the Domestic Vietnam?


The Domestic Guantanamo Book Cover

The Domestic Guantanamo

The Domestic Guantanamo takes the reader through Cuban/American similarities, affairs, and missed opportunity, into a grand potential that has always existed, but has never been pursued. Two Vietnam Marine Corps veterans within CIA Operations for decades accept an assignment to enter the Cuban interior, working for two years, rallying the rural population to liberation in a third year. Working with the two Marines are hundreds of discharged special operations military who can no longer tolerate the political correctness demise and social experimenting of the modern U.S. military.

Successfully liberated, Cuba becomes the 51st State; the Naval Base and prison (Gitmo) are reconstructed to be the new State Capitol. April 1, 2024 is the home season opener for the Havana Canes of Major League Baseball. The game is attended by President Rubio, Governor Cruz, Donald Trump (builder of the stadium and capitol), and 36,000 U.S.-Cuban citizens experiencing their freedoms along with the 600 veterans from Oregon who led the liberation. Central to the entire Cuban effort is Heather from the central coast of Oregon, a “High Seas” cruise-line lounge singer and matriarch figurehead to the operative forces inside Cuba. Heather is the undercover communications and operations coordinator, who continually coaxes all parts of the liberation effort to successful conclusions. Heather’s MLB opening day anthem steals hearts and minds across America and the Caribbean.

This is the story that should be. Politically revealing! And as usual from Fox, written with intrigue and humor.

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The Domestic Panama Book Cover

The Domestic Panama - NEW RELEASE

Many characters from Vietnam and Guantanamo carry through to Panama, as new exciting characters are introduced and action flows from one book to the next. Readers will enjoy the paraphrasing of Panama’s unique history as a landbridge isthmus connecting two continental land masses. Become familiar with the exceptional influence of the United States in building and finishing of the globe’s second massive Canal and learn what really happened that President Carter would give our Canal away.

To the essence of a mysterious Panama is the question: Is the small nation of Panama, at a global cross-section, what it appears to be? As a global shipping center, populated with international banking facilities from almost every trading country in the world, all with mysterious tucked-away United Nations offices—what is the real business of Panama in the unforgiving world of money, to influence, to power?

New characters Miranda Noriega, Saegan Lynn (the Barbadian), a General’s widow, Coach Knoblauch and others are introduced as brave, dynamic influences on a changing Panama, as they lead a distressed population to a bright populace-driven future. As in The Domestic Guantanamo, Heather becomes the spirited, singing influence of progress, when brave Pianissimos lay the hammer to ruling families of Panama as weapons and drug cartels scatter, leaving the isthmus of Panama to a new future led by a most unsuspecting rising star. As with all the books in the Domestic series, ‘beisbol’ (baseball) becomes a centerpiece of positive change and broad country influence—as the bright star of something positive. The final game between players gathered and trained from ghetto families and an elite all-star team from the ‘ruling families’ is goose-bumpy thrilling. Baseball at it’s youthful-community best!

Bring an open mind and a positive attitude to The Domestic Panama. Just too much reading fun!! Semper Fi!

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The Domestic Puerto Rico Cover

The Domestic Puerto Rico - NEW RELEASE

Have you ever been in mid-air, in an athletic event or just hard play, and changed your body’s direction, while in the air? Nothing to push against, no leverage to change direction…Is it even possible? I have done it twice in my life, a startling strange sensation. Each time I asked myself…Did I just do that? Well, I did it a third time, just recently, when well into the writing of The Domestic Puerto Rico, the island commonwealth was devastated by Hurricane Christy. I changed writing direction in mid-air, perhaps for the better! Like Panama, Puerto Rico may also actually be something other than what it appears to be in all of the “come see us” broadcast touristy information. There are two dominating realities to the life and times of the deeply indebted Puerto Rico. First, everything in Puerto Rico is POLITICS…everything! Second, Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States, gaining such status as a result of the Spanish-American War, 1898, just as was Guantanamo, Guam and the Philippines. Being a commonwealth is tricky uncharted business! The politics and functioning population exist half above the surface and half below, always subject to sudden shifts. Born to Puerto Rico, one is also a U.S. citizen, free to travel between the island commonwealth and the U.S. mainland, anytime, anyplace. As a territory of the U.S., mainland politicians can ‘dabble’ in Puerto Rican affairs with no consequence of dabbling misfunctions, thus contributing to a unique backyard sort of swamp.

Two distinguishing facts: First, Puerto Rico is commonly called “America’s Backyard.” Second, for four hundred exploring-colonial years from the age of Spanish dominance to America’s Pirates, Puerto Rico was the gateway from the Caribbean into the Atlantic, and across to the cultures and lifestyles of other continents and countries ruled by Kings and Queens. Puerto Rico was a transfer point for large wooden sailing ships, a lookout point, a place to wait out the next arriving hurricane, or a place to hide treasures mined and transferred from South America on their way to Spain and other European destinations.

Meet the new characters of Puerto Rico: Madame Kara, Allie, Ransford Allerton I, and a grandson, Ransford Allerton II. For those following the Domestic series and feeling stress from losing the famous Heather in The Domestic Panama, pay special attention to a new character, Helen…Heather’s transformation to new greatness.

Once again, to enjoy The Domestic Puerto Rico, all a reader needs is an open mind and good attitude. Thanks – Semper Fi.

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The Domestic Colombia

The Domestic Colombia - NEW RELEASE


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The Domestic Series Book Covers

Collect the Domestic Series

The Domestic Series is a must have for any war history buff. Collect the full series of books, Domestic Vietnam, Domestic Gauntanamo, Domestic Panama, and Domestic Puerto Rico and Domestic Colombia and add it to your libray today!

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The Domestic Puerto Rico Cover

Softball/Baseball: The Next Level

A Book for all in the Game: Coaches, Players, Parents, Umpires and League Organizer. Developed from decade of experience in the gym, on the field, and in the heads of players and coaches, Fox's unique approach provides valuable tips and tricks for taking your game to the next level.

“Coach Fox is the most brilliant, intellectual baseball mind I have ever had the privilege of being associated with. I doubt that there are very many coaches in any sport on my level that have ever had the opportunity to even be exposed to such expertise.”
Coach Ashley Harris, CPA, Terra Ceia Christian School
“I have had the privilege of knowing Coach Fox since 1980. He taught me the most valuable lessons of how the sound fundamentals of baseball can be the foundation of a very harmonious life and successful business career.”
Greg Knoblauch, President & CEO, Earthmap Solutions
“It is Fox’s philosophy of developing yourself to succeed at the Next Level, coupled with his unique ability to translate this broad concept into tangible results, that sets him and his working character apart from any other mentor or coach I have ever known.”
Mike Hoger, Central Midwest Sales Manager, DuPont Crop Protection
"A Book for all in the Game: Coaches, Players, Parents, Umpires and League Organizers. Developed from decades of experience in the gym, on the field,and in the heads of players and coaches, Fox’s unique approach provides valuable tips and tricks for taking your game to the next level. Foxisms grab the complexity of the game and break out the most memorable nuggets. Perfect for individual pep talks and pre-game fire-ups, Foxisms are true coaching gold.
Funny and penetrating, Fox peppers his training with stories on the payoff of all the effort. Beyond the x’s and o’s, the stories in this book bring the reader first hand through the trials and successes of the game. They illustrate the not so subtle message that what’s good in the game is good in life. As a coach you will learn how to identify your own stories and use them to develop the success attitude for your team."
Quentin Rund, PAQ Interactive Inc. 

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