Dick Fox / Coach Fox

After a busy career, Fox is settled back to his rural base of Monticello, IL, where he concentrates on perfecting his life-long hobbies of writing, coaching, gardening and fitness.  In business, Fox traveled the United States coast to coast for many years including dozens of public speaking commitments, writing for multiple trade magazines, and leadership activities in numerous marketplace projects including work with NASA developing and setting a market-base for high resolution, multi-spectral spatial imagery products for agriculture crop analysis. 
Fox completed a series of broadcast radio shows titled ‘The Domestic Vietnam’ in conjunction with the Military Appreciation Channel (produced by Radioactive Broadcasting) interviewing many Vietnam veterans about their service, their thoughts of the confusing war issues that dominated the era, and a multitude of general related topics that his radio guests wanted to openly, finally express and did.  (Currently under discussion is the possibility of reviving the radio show within the functions and goals of the Vietnam Veterans Youth Scholarship Program.)
Fox’s book ‘Softball / Baseball: The Next Level… Work Hard / Play Smart’ highlight 50 years of coaching experience, explaining successful playing and coaching technique as well as novelistic passions of being a grand part of America’s youth and game for so many years.  ‘The Next Level’, is simply the best book available on coaching and playing technique and strategies.
Fox is a Marine Corps veteran, serving time as a Sergeant in the Vietnam War, 1967-1968, through the Tet Offensive.  Fox’s war year in Nam was with a highly decorated Marine Corps helicopter unit (MAG-36) based in I Corps, Quang Tri, located 12 clicks south of the DMZ.  His Military experience providing a broad deep perspective of many things for his entire life.
Upon quasi-retirement Fox set his writing skills to an iconic account of the war in Vietnam, writing and publishing ‘The Domestic Vietnam’, a 520 page account of America in the 60’s, in Vietnam, from a Marine’s point of view but also from the broader American point of view of friends, families, loved ones, teammates and others at home who lived the confusing 60’s and 70’s war in their own treacherous confusing ways.  Fox concludes his analysis of the war in Vietnam with his own unique political analysis.
Fox now continued the ‘domestic’ series of books with the release of ‘The Domestic Guantanamo’, further explaining in that era of the ‘60’s and 70’s it is impractical to separate the war in Vietnam from issues of Cuba and Guantanamo.  Fox’s newest book release as part of the scholarship program is ‘The Domestic Panama’, continuing the series of America’s key role in, with and for development and security of other countries.

Fox most recently completed ‘The Domestic Puerto Rico’ also as a new release in the ‘domestic’ series.  Fox admits there will probably be only one likely end to the ongoing writing effort.
Look for ‘The Domestic Columbia’ to be released in June 2018.

Currently Fox lends his speaking talents to mostly veteran related events with his local American Legion Post on Memorial Day, or to local or further-reaching events in general when asked.  If you, family or friends are concerned with the war in Vietnam, ‘The Domestic Vietnam’ is a must read; then read on through the ‘domestic’ series.  Please review ‘The Domestic Vietnam’ and consider a contribution as described.

Heather Harris

Domestic Series Star Character

Heather has been a professional entertainer since 1987.   Studied performing arts at American Musical and Dramatic Academy, New York City, singing/dancing/acting.  Singing on Broadway, off Broadway, Atlantic City, performing in musical theater, cabarets … Starring in her own shows in numerous hotels and cruise ships for years … Performing internationally in England, Japan, Egypt, Turkey, Greece and Spain, as well as throughout the United States.  Currently, Heather is a Wellness/Enrichment Director, as well as a personal fitness trainer, also performing musically for various local events.
Heather provides the fascinating profile for the lead female character in the Domestic series of books.  Introduced in The Domestic Vietnam, Heather leads and stabilizes the way for the book’s two Vietnam Veteran main characters.  The Domestic Guantanamo, Heather transitions to a singing/show biz spy, transmitting undercover messaging by song, shadow meetings, and wardrobe, to and from a variety of liberation forces who anonymously visit her show venues for new operating instruction.   The Domestic Panama, Heather is the first into Panama City, unifying locals and arriving specialty forces.  Heather’s courageous genius and vibrant spirit carries forth in The Domestic Puerto Rico, having transitioned to the character Helen.  Soon to be the spirit of The Domestic Colombia, all while remaining as the singing matriarch to a mercenary force of ex-military fighters on the central coast of Oregon … ‘The Pianissimos’ … Heather having coined the specialty name Pianissimos from her musical background.
Heather and Fox are best of friends, Heather learning the times, ways and confusion of America’s War in Vietnam.  Her freedom and gold stage-presence picture graces the back cover of The Domestic Guantanamo.  As the female balance and voice to the Vietnam Veterans Youth Scholarship Program, Heather hopes you will all consider the program, participating as you may. 

Along the way, Love Y’all, ‘Live With Passion’!


Larry Coon

United States Marine Corps 1967 – 1970

‘Coonie’, like Fox, was one of the original ‘Wilson Street Boys’ whose youthful years coincided with America’s War of Confusion in Vietnam.  Like many others, Larry Coon’s personal story of ‘service years’ is quite miraculous, albeit in a different, most amazing sort of way.  ‘Coonie’ made no secret that he was the luckiest guy in the whole damn war.  With great respect and dedication to the life and times of great friends like Larry Coon, we will work within highest standards and core values to offer and administer this Vietnam Veterans Youth Scholarship Program, telling other stories of our times, while offering a boost-up to as many young lives as we can touch.
Semper Fi